Cash - money in notes and coins

- frequent or typical

Cool - good, exciting (informal)

Corrupt - something made bad by dishonesty

Crop - the total number of vegetables/fruit grown in a season

Declining - reducing or going down

Dictatorship - government without democracy and supported by the threat of force

Documentary - television or radio programme about something real.

Estimate - calculation, estimation

Expand - make bigger

Fair - reasonable or just

Figures - numbers or statistics

Fortune - large amount of money

Gradually - slowly over time

Hug - an embrace, to hold close

Ingredients - 'the ingredients of an omelet are eggs, butter, milk, salt and pepper'.

Inherit - receive something from someone when they die (e.g money)

Import - take from a different place.

Irregular Verbs - verbs that don't follow the regular (I paint, he painted etc) pattern.

Linguist - studies language

Memorize - learn something by memory (e.g phone number)

Official - legal, used by government

Opaque - not clear, difficult to see or understand

Opinion - what you think or believe

Pacifist - against violence/war

Rifle - a long gun for shooting animals etc

Spoof - a spoof documentary pretends to be about something real.

Survive - to continue, not die

Tax - money the government takes

Temper - someone with a bad temper gets very angry very quickly

Universal - for all places/situations

Vowel - the letters a, e. i, o, u

Wrapped - covered in something like paper or plastic

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