Japanese Words

audioIconListen to an interview with the editor of the Oxford English Dictionary.
The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) contains words that come from many different languages.
  1. Write down five Japanese words used in English.
  2. When do you think the first Japanese words entered English? a) before the 17th century b) during the 17th century c) after the 20th century
Now listen to 'Japanese in English?' for the answers? Were you right? See the answer section on this page.
Oxford English Dictionary editor John Simpson explains how Japanese words entered English. What does he say about Japan in the 17th/18th century?
There are many Japanese words in English. Here are a few examplespink-blo

  • Arts: bonsai, anime, origami, karaoke, haiku, manga
  • Business: tycoon
  • Weather: typhoon, tsunami
  • Clothing: kimono
  • Food: sushi, satsuma, miso, tempura